Goodness Gracious Photography | About
Thanks so much for visiting my page! I hope you'll like it here and maybe even book a session with me.

My name is Jan Pierce, I live in Greensburg, KY. I am happily married to the love of my life, Brian.  We have three of the sweetest little blessings.  Haylee Maye, Hayden Paige and our newest addition, Oak Hudson. 

Goodness Gracious, How'd she pick that name? It's simple, I had a Grandaddy, who meant the absolute world to me. I lost him back in 2011 and wanted to carry his memory on. He used to say, "Goodness Gracious" or "My Gracious", I knew it was perfect, so I went with it.

My Grandaddy, was a simple, country, farmer. You would have loved him. He was kind, he was caring and he had a heart of gold. He just had a kind heart. He didn't care too much about fancy things. He enjoyed the natural beauty of a sunset, a March lily, a hay field, the lake, and his farm. He loved family time and he loved us so much. I often say, that if I am blessed to the point of having an ounce of his goodness, then I should be just fine.

My photography style reminds me so much of him. Timeless country with a bit of rustic flare... Old farm houses, barns, rusty farm machinery, bales of hay, open fields and crops that have been farmed for generations. That's what makes me tick, I think those things are just beautiful and they always tell a story.

In 2011, my Grandaddy was on his way back from delivering hay to someone, when he had a stroke. He loved the hay field, it made him happy and he did what he loved. He was such a hard worker and respected by so many. He was in critical condition and we lost him a short while later. I never got to say goodbye to him and it breaks my heart. I decided that no matter what, I would keep the legacy of a fantastic man alive. So, he lives on in my heart and through my camera lens.

I have a passion for this and I have so much fun in each and every session I shoot. Please sign my guestbook, as I would love to hear from you. If you are ever looking for photos, I am your girl!