Jasmine & Steven exchange wedding vows ♥

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The pleasure was really all mine at a recent wedding that took place in Bradfordsville, KY.  Jasmine & Steven exchanged vows at the historic Tucker Homestead on June 27th.  That place is just gorgeous.  It has history and southern charm coming out of the ears of those beautiful, big ol' (using my deep country drawn out twang of an accent) charming homes.  Really, the beauty is as deep as the roots that tie the Tucker's to their amazing property. 


In life, there are just certain things that go together......peanut butter & jelly, bee's & honey & then there are Jasmine & Steven.  They just go together.  I was quite obvious during their engagement session last fall.  These two have a love that I can bet ya, is going to last a lifetime.  I sort of put these two on the spot after their wedding.  I asked them how they knew.  How did they know they had found the one they wanted to share forever with?  

Jasmine, Steven adores you.  He knew shortly after dating you that you were the one.  He loved your work ethic & your determination. He knows how hard you have worked and the endless hours you have put in to reach your dreams.  He is proud of the woman that you are and with you by his side, he will forever be a better man.  You didn't know it, but he watched you when you were around his family, especially his precious nephew.  In the back of his mind, he was thinking what a great Mom you'd be with your own children one day.  



Steven, from the day that Jasmine met you a love developed that grew so strongly.  Your selflessness is never unnoticed.  You stood by Jasmine, during the most stressful days of her life.  You watched television on mute, cooked, cleaned all while Jasmine spent hours studying.  Not many men would do that, but you did and you never complained.  Jasmine loves your character, Steven.  You are a good man who would give the shirt off your back to someone in need and wish for nothing in return.  Photographer's two cents here, but the world needs more Steven's.  


Jasmine, I asked your Mom how she knew you had found your forever.  I mean who knows you better than your mom does, right?  Libby told me that she knew right away.  She loves the support that Steven has shown you, while you earned the degree that you worked so hard for.  As a mother, we want the best for our children.  Your parents are so proud of all that you have accomplished and are very thankful that Steven came into your life. 


Jasmine & Steven's wedding was one for the books.  From the fantastic florals, the beautiful wedding gown, a gorgeous venue, a stunning wedding cake, it was certainly a day to remember.  I am so excited and thankful I was able to share your day with you.  Enjoy a small glimpse back,  Jasmine & Steven.  May God continue to bless each of you.  


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